Every gamer’s objective when playing a casino slot machine game is to hit the jackpot. And this is not a hard target to achieve if you know some of the myths and facts peddled about casino slot machines.

It is a fact that each machine in the house is different from the other. The outer casing might make two machines look alike but their inner workings are quite unique. Each machine has a number of micro-processors, all of which together contribute to the generation of the winning numbers.

It is also true that the casino house actually retains a good percentage of what each machine takes in. each of the machine’s micro-processor is programmed to spit out to the gamer just about 80% of the coins it is given. The rest is retained for the house.

However, it is a false belief that casino owners manipulate machines at will. It is impossible to change the programming of a casino slot machine unless the micro-processor is taken bask to manufacturers.

Another fallacy associated with gaming machines is that to win a gamer should use tokens or coins that correspond to the physical temperature of the machine.

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